Bigger than before…

Hello dear friends of roleplay
We grew… expanded… created more space at the hub.
And why ? Thats all solely your fault! And here we are to thank you for it!

Since 2012 we work on finding more and more Roleplay Realms for you and to ask the Sim owners to represent them here centrally at the hub so we can lure in new roleplayer for them. Since day one we try to develop and become better, to offer the best possible service to you. The feedback is all around positive and thanks to your positive feedback we grow!

Thank you for your loyalty and and your patience when we had technical issues in the past.
Come visit the expanded hub and visit the meeting point » The Corner». Take a rest, talk about roleplay, exchange ideas and make new friends and roleplay partners. But please.. not too long, the hub is there to support , not to distract from roleplay * winks

Our team and I wish you all a great , amazing, funny and especially relaxed roleplay.

Chri Emor & Team

One Thought to “Bigger than before…”

  1. wonderful job Chri, your dedication to role play on Secondlife is commendable and hopefully all genres can cooperate and share information… your hard work is much appreciated by all communities

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