Fractured Planet, a steampunk role-play sim

Fractured Planet – Steampunk Roleplay:  Peregrinus Jenda, a being transcending time or place, took pity upon the Fractured Planet and deigned to choose a few Guardians to anchor the fractured pieces within an atmosphere that would allow survival of the planet. Endowed with the knowledge Ultimate Jenda provided, Guardians worked throughout their lives not only anchoring the pieces, but gathered the habitable pieces near each other to ensure survival of humans and other similar beings.

Retaining their humanity, the Guardians sought to save the humans and similar beings by creating stasis, ensuring survival of a few species.  Centuries passed as the Guardians continued to create a habitable world.

The time has come. The beings began to escape their stasis and move onto the Fractured Planet pieces. Upon awakening, it was discoved by the Guardians that all technical and scientific knowledge of the survivors has been lost. The ability to survive remains.