Crowe’s Landing

«We came around the bend of the river, and soon, a dock came into sight, with a village on one side, and markets on the other.  We nodded to each other – we’ve arrived at Crowe’s Landing

Crowe’s Landing was founded by Tobias Crowe, a wily and clever fellow who decided he’d had enough of the «townies» of the big cities.  He ventured north to the Northern Woods, finding a likely spot along the river, and called it his own. The initial populace consisted mostly of his family and their descendants, but soon, others disenchanted with the city way of life found themselves traveling north and settling there.

Crowe’s Landing is a GE sim with a strict no-discimination policy:  Everyone is welcome, regardless of gender identity or sexual preference.

Marie Crowe runs the joint along with her brothers and family.

Come visit, and maybe stay awhile!

The sim consists of a village near a pond and it is assumed the pond is connected to the river, so it is the docks/sailing point of the sim.  It is also the landing point for raiders and meelee. Across the pond is the G&S markets, considered a safe/OOC zone. When you land, you will be in our central landing point in the air.  Feel free to pick up a copy of the rules before heading down.  They’re simple, and mostly commonsense.