Port Langford Roleplay

Port Langford invites roleplayers to write their own stories and plots.  To entwine their paths with others without the restrictions or boundaries of a strict global plot or guidelines of a set world, species, abilities or combat-systems.  What exists is up to you.   All we ask in return is to play fair and with one another, not against.  Roleplay is about writing stories, not about power.

For that, we provide a modern day setting.  A place that offers a bit for everyone, possibilities for various scenes, encounters and opportunities to meet others. It doesn’t matter if you are a ‘normal’ human, a creature of magic or something completely different. There is a place for everyone.

We believe in longevity for our RP.  We believe in creativity, not meters.  Find out more about us online at www.portlangford.com

Or visit us inworld!