Mysts of Eyr – Online Roleplay in 3D

Mysts of Eyr’s core concept is about stepping from your comfort zone and embracing jungle life. Eyr is about weaving tales.  Eyr is about the roleplay.  There are no towering stone castles or quaint medieval villages.  You will find the the members of the Moei Asing perched among the leafy heights of Tilikambo  working to preserve and defend their homeland.  You will find immigrants working to carve out a life for themselves in the small collection of huts on the banks of the Kuvari River.  You will find the vast caverns and lava filled tunnels of Ebon Reach populated with outcasts and deeper evils.  And you will find the ocean reefs and waterways controlled by the members of Kuvari’s Deep who rule the waters with cunning and skill.

Eyr welcomes roleplayers of all skill levels.  The sim is rated «Moderate» and we welcome races of all ages.  The jungle environment is harsh but families are integral and child avis are welcome.

Eyr Values.  Eyr rewards those who demonstrate sim dedication and loyalty.  ICly our characters may be plotting subtle poisonings and takeovers but OOCly we are a tightly knit, hard working, and loyal group.  We welcome those who love storytelling and share in our values.

Race Roleplay.  We have well over 100 approved races.  We do not advertise race leads but we do offer the groups up for adoption.  We also allow for those interested to form their own race groups.

Faction Roleplay.  Eyr has four key Factions.

  • Ebon Reach.  The ‹Reachers encompass Eyr’s shadowy underworld of misfits, outcasts, and outright evil.  They base themselves in the tunnels and caverns beneath the volcano though their influence is widespread.
  • Kuvari’s Deep.  The aquatic races and their allies rule the waterways with cunning and strength.   Gazing into the waters you may very well find the pupiless eyes of an aquatic creature staring back at you. A flip of a fin or ripple in the water could spell disaster if you are not one of their own.
  • Moei Asing.  Proud gathering of those loyal to the god Ame Moei and her preachings.  They follow the ways of the jungle. They follow their own set of goals and inspiration to preserve the jungle.  They may meet you with gentle teachings and offers of assistance or with bloodcurdling howls and savage claws.
  • Stormstead Village. Primarily immigrants but open to all sympathetic to their cause, these are the peoples struggling to make places for themselves and carve out their own existence within Eyr.  Perched on the banks of the Kuvari River their position is precarious as nature’s forces and factions work against them.

Eyr’s website has the latest and greatest information for those wanting to give it a try or for those simply wanting ot check out the scenery or check a listing of those players who have proven themselves in Eyr.  Or visit us inworld!