Event Calendar

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Your RP-Event on our event-calendar? Of corse, its possible for all!


The Instructions for the WoRPG-Calendar

at the entry on the right side…
1.  make a Notecard.the name of the notecard must mean:
Day  . Month . Year name of event
DD  . MM  .      JJJJ title
01.05.2014 12.00 SLT Roleplay Market @Tarinfell

!! make sure !!:
The date of the event always in the above format. The name should have not more than 30 sign. Too many sign are cut off!

2.  CLICK on the FRAME from the Calendar and take the Notecard with pressed ctrl-button into the Eventboard .
3. Thats all folks! Ready 🙂 have fun in the RP !