News about Neonosa City

If you are into Game of Thrones type roleplay sims but want to try something like it more futuristic, try out Neonosa City RPG. Neonosa City is an rp sim where players create the story but at the same time as part of the sim story everyone is looking to gain power in different ways, screwing each other over, manipulating, stealing, killing,whatever you want. Neonosa City is not a dark rp sim, or a light rp sim or a simple modern fantasy sim or a simple sci fi future sim, it is a combination of several things. A newer type of concept that isn’t quite as popular in Second Life Roleplay.

The basic idea is that Neonosa City is part of a fictional world  where governments do not lead but Factions do, Factions in the form of mega corporations. Heard of Shadowrun games? Incorporated TV series? Dystopia, totaltarian type ideas or tyrannical leaders? Well it can be like all of the above, its what the players make of it.

In Neonosa City, the city is currently lead by Eden Industries, the most powerful of the three factions, the most money, the ones who are into the cybernetics,  and some illegal human testings, but of course they wont tell you that. They will show another face for you, unless you just happen to dig deep enough.

Sunset Foundation is considered the better of the three factions but even they have a variety of secrets, genetic testing and all.

UniNet is the underground faction that nobody can seem to find unless they are looking for the right thing and or get recruited. They work underground…literally. You might find human trafficking, you might find drugs, you might find a whole lot of interesting things. The city is a mix of modern urban and futuristic type architecture.

Mana is the main power source and the factions are the ones who are in charge. There are metahumans of various races.

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Neonosa City is recruiting all types of players in all time zones. We are also recruiting for some lead positions, faction member positions and so on! Hope to see you soon!

Can also contact Kenzie Hall (Airuhlagertha) or Nhym (Rhyn Akiri)