Altinum – Roman Fantasy Roleplay 60 BC.

Sneak previews this Saturday!

The year is 60 BC. Altinum is a small Roman city, in the far reaches of the republic. It was the last bastian of the Sullan Resistance, following the 2nd Civil War (83-82BC) of the Roman Republic. Gaius Marius Sacriporticus has risen to power, installed as dictator with the support and influence of vampires. The Roman lycan patricians, many of whom were loyal to the Consul Sulla were executed with extreme prejudice, now their society lies fractured. Most humans are blissfully unaware of this proxy war, fought for centuries, even millenia. However, there are some with special gifts who will be instrumental at restoring the balance. Or even, exterminating the threats to humans from both predatorial species.

​Altinum has been conquered, brought back into the clutches of the dictatorial Republic, and due to its remoteness is sought after for refuge by humans and supernaturals alike. But there are those that are already there and well established. And their idyllic existence is now being threatened. They will fight tooth and nail to keep it. With very sharp fangs and claws indeed…

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