We have a new partner. SHOPPING GUIDE is a new group whose aim is to carry information spam-free from traders to customers. At the moment the group is still very small, but little by little there are traders who want to provide you with information and enrich your roleplay with their offers. Now the traders will also be allowed to present their products here once a month. Wir haben einen neuen Partner. SHOPPING GUIDE ist eine neue Gruppe, deren Ziel es ist, Informationen spamfrei von den Händlern zum Kunden zu…

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Event Calendar

Logo #WoRP - World of Roleplay

Your RP-Event on our event-calendar? Of corse, its possible for all!   The Instructions for the WoRPG-Calendar Where? at the entry on the right side… How? 1.  make a Notecard.the name of the notecard must mean: Day  . Month . Year name of event DD  . MM  .      JJJJ title example: 01.05.2014 12.00 SLT Roleplay Market @Tarinfell !! make sure !!: The date of the event always in the above format. The name should have not more than 30 sign. Too many sign are cut off! 2.  CLICK on the…

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LOVEFEST – 13 aux 21 aout 2016

Le 5e Festival annuel Lovecraft se déroule du Août 13-21 célébrer H.P. 126e anniversaire de Lovecraft, comme toujours, avec quelque chose d’excitant, amusant et unique pour tous. Faites du shopping au marchands  de notre Nouvelle Angleterre ville côtière, essayer les machines à  gacha arcade côtière, ou risquer une visite à l’inquiétante Arkham Sanitarium. Vous aurez aussi l’expérience d’une semaine d’événements de sim à l’échelle et de divertissement, mettant en vedette les meilleures musique et spectacles de SL. Nous sommes également heureux d’annoncer le retour du Fuzzbutt KittyCatS Charity Auction très…

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Fantasy Cream III

The Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier (MFGC) and Dandelion Daydreams Factory are proud hosts to the 3rd Fantasy Cream. A Show-Off  Market – Contest and scavenger hunt with a selected number of Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier Merchants. As usual there will be delicious creamy tasty exclusive products to purchase and on the voting board. The voters as well as the merchants taking part have the chance of winning prizes. Visit the blog and receive the newest information about or visit flickr and receive a preview 😉

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Fair Play – Emerald City – Jewel Gacha Hunt & Charity Event

Emerald City is the new game design by Fair Play and was inspired by a game called „Jewel Quest“. And, a new era is born: This is really something new and was never seen on all the grid before: „The Jewel Gacha Hunt“! Many outstanding creators of fantasy and gothic joined, to make these vision come true and present you a new shopping adventure. Play for a price without knowing which merchant release will drop. The first „Team Gacha“ in Second Life!! Certainly, there will be also awesome new releases,…

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The Medieval & Fantasy Grid Crier


Deutsch nach dem englischen Text   The Network Group for Medieval & Fantasy Roleplayer and Lifestyler in Secondlife It is a regularly updated list of Medieval & Fantasy Entertainment and High Quality Stores from Original Creators, Events and Artists in Second Life, for all you need for your Medieval & Fantasy Life and Roleplay. Find  your Props & the Outfit you need. We have the lists with the Landmarks of only the best in SL ! Receive them in 1 handy notecard due clicking on the Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier…

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